5 Best Windows Tips, Tricks and Hacks

We all have been using windows from long time but still there are some tips and tricks that we are unaware of. This article will list down five of the most useful tricks that you can use to maximize your efficiency.

1. Keep the active window open and minimize the rest: If you have opened too many applications and want to minimize all, barring the current working application, you can do it by following a few steps.  Just click on the title bar (the top one) of the application you don’t want to close. Now, hold the title bar and shake the window quickly. In a second or two, all the applications will be minimized and the current working application will stay as is.

2. Keyboard shortcut for starting applications from your taskbar: Everyone pins programs top their taskbar which are used very frequently. You can click on these shortcuts to open the corresponding program. But there is a better and easier way to open these shortcuts. Instead of clicking on the shortcut the user can press Windows key + [Number key]. For example, if you want to open a program that is placed at fourth position in the taskbar, just press Windows key + 4 and the program start running. This trick is mostly helpful for the people who usually use just the keyboard to type and avoid using mouse. This way they can type and at the same time operate the system swiftly.

3.View file extensions in the file explorer window: By default Microsoft hides the extension of files, which makes it difficult for the end user to distinguish different types of files. The following steps can be followed to view the file extension in the file explorer windows.

Open the file explorer window

Click on “View” tab  at the top

Uncheck “file name extensions” checkbox

4.The power user menu: This is one of the most powerful tool in windows. Just right click in the lower left corner of the taskbar (or press Windows + X) and you will be greeted with a menu through which you can access number of tools. It provides you tools such as Program and Features, Device Manager, Network Connections, Disk Management, Computer management, Control Panel, Run, Command Prompt etc.

5.Generate keyboard shortcuts for applications: You can create keyboard shortcuts for frequently used programs/applications. You need to right-click on the applications icon and select properties. After that, click on the text box next to shortcut and click the shortcut key combination for that particular program.

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