Google Pixel 7a: Review

Google’s Pixel A-series has always brought flagship camera performance to an affordable price point. The latest Google Pixel 7a continues this trend as a value play for budget-conscious Indian smartphone buyers wanting clean software and excellent photography. I recently tested the Pixel 7a and believe Google got the formula right by focusing on the features that matter most.

Familiar Design That’s Functional and Durable

Those familiar with past Pixel phones will feel right at home with the Pixel 7a’s design. It features the same dual-tone color scheme with a horizontal camera bar on back. The polycarbonate unibody construction feels solid and durable while keeping weight reasonable at just 193.5 g.

Google opted for a 6.1″ OLED display which strikes a nice balance between one-handed use and immersive viewing. The FHD+ resolution is sharp enough for most uses. A 90Hz refresh rate keeps scrolling smooth. There’s an in-display fingerprint reader for biometric authentication.

The Pixel 7a retains IP67 water and dust resistance like its predecessor. This is a valuable feature typically missing from other phones in this price range. Overall, the Pixel 7a refines an already functional, minimalist aesthetic.

Performance That Handles Daily Use Well

Under the hood is a Google Tensor G2 chipset paired with 8GB of RAM. This provides reliable performance for most daily tasks like messaging, web browsing, social media, and light gaming. Benchmarks compared to other popular phones in India:

PhoneAnTuTu BenchmarkGeekbench (single / multi)
Pixel 7a4,51,3031,047 / 3,257
Redmi Note 124,80,033788 / 3,357
Galaxy M53 5G5,06,530720 / 1,919
Table 1. Google Pixel 7a: Performance

You can expect a smooth user experience in day-to-day use. Gaming enthusiasts may want to look at more powerful processors, but casual games run fine. Overall, the Pixel 7a delivers responsive performance given the price.

Pixel’s Best-in-Class Camera Experience

Where the Pixel 7a really shines is its camera system. It features the same excellent 64MP main camera. This means you get stunning image quality with crisp details, accurate colors, and great dynamic range. Night and low light photos come out surprisingly usable.

The 13MP ultrawide lens adds creative framing possibilities and performs decently in good lighting. Video recording quality is excellent up to 4K/60fps. Overall, no other phone at this price captures photos and videos like the Pixel 7a. It’s a content creator’s dream budget device.

Clean Software and Impressive Battery Life

The Pixel 7a ships with the latest Android 13 software and will get guaranteed OS updates for at least 3 years. Google’s Pixel skin is clean, intuitive, and free of bloatware. You can expect a smooth, lag-free experience over the long term.

Battery life is also a highlight with the 4,385 mAh battery easily lasting over a day even with heavy use. I consistently got around 6-7 hours of screen time during testing. The phone supports 18W fast charging via USB-C and can get a 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

Delivering What Matters at an Affordable Price

Starting at just ₹43,999, the Pixel 7a undercuts most competitors on price while delivering a premium camera, clean software, and long battery life. These are the features that matter for most buyers. With water resistance and Android updates also on board, it’s a compelling overall package. For Indian smartphone users wanting a fuss-free experience, long-term software support, and incredible photography at a reasonable price, the Pixel 7a is easy to recommend. It retains what Pixels are known for in a more affordable form factor. Overall, this is a budget Pixel done right for the Indian market.

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