How To Find The Right Laptop Display

  • Outine to find the right laptop display
  • Define your purpose
  • Gaming and Video Editing
  • General Purpose (Web Browsing, Watching video content)
  • Multi-Purpose (Casual Gaming, Video Processing, web browsing etc.)
  • Define your Budget:
  • Less than INR 30K-50K (Thousand)
  • Above INR 50 K (Thousand)
  • Premium Devices (More than 100 Thousand/1 Lakh)

Pro Tip:

  • Laptop and compact CPU Desktops are compact and have very in-efficient cooling/heat exchange system. So, for any extensive use, like gaming or video editing or Animating, you should prefer Desktops (no to compact Desktops too), until and unless you have to work mobile.
  • As well as they are not very scalable. I mean, if you want to add hardware or change hardware other than RAM or Hard-disk, like CPU’s, GPU’s, you can’t do.
  • In the end, if your use is more on the go, you need Laptop. Static users simply move to desktop, as many mobile works can be done on your smartphone.  But sometimes, it’s your choice too.

Factors you may be looking at:

Display: What you see

  • Screen size: Laptop screens typically range in size from 9- to 17-inch displays. Well, this size is measured diagonally. 15-inch laptops are one of the most selling laptop sizes. 14-inches are bit small but look classy and are easy to carry. 17-inches are too big. But good for gaming and editing, as you have more screen space. But with a big screen, you need more power, both in specifications and in your muscles as it tends to be on the heavier side.
  • Resolution: Resolution plays an important actor in clarity. Full HD i.e., 1920*1080-pixel screen resolution is optimal. But to note, the bigger the resolution is, the more your system needs processing to display things. In other words, the same specification Laptops will have, different performances based on screen resolution. I.e., it is easier to process HD screen than Full HD than 2k than 4k.
    Then you may be thinking a smaller resolution is better? Yes, it is, but again if you are buying a 10-inch laptop then only. Why? because less pixel means less sharp image and text. Simply put go for Full HD screen i.e., 1920*1080-pixel.
  • Colour gamut: Colour gamut in layman’s term is the ability of a display to produce real-life colour. The better colour gamut a screen supports the vibrant the colour on screen will look. If you are a hardcore gamer or a video editor, this is a must to look for. This feature comes with a price.
  • Refresh Rate: Hardcore gamers, this is what you need most. A better refresh rate will make you a better gamer, as the screen will respond to the slightest change. A 144Hz screen is preferable as 240Hz is too expensive and a 60Hz screen is to slow to show each and every change on the screen. Again, the screen looks more fluent. This feature comes with a price.

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