How to hide last seen in Truecaller | Android

Truecaller is one of the best Caller ID and spam blocking app. It has over 500M+ downloads worldwide. It manages all your calls and messages instantly, by filtering out telemarketers, spam and other unnecessary calls. Truecaller maintains a community-based spam list which is updated by almost all the users across the world.

Adding to above features, Truecaller also keeps track of the ‘last seen’ of its users. With this feature, other users can see when was the last time a particular user was active on the application. This feature was first introduced by facebook and whatsapp, which is now translated to other apps as well.

Now with the latest Truecaller update, one can even see if a particular user is no call or the phone is on silent mode or not. For some people this feature is something which comes close to invading their privacy. All the major social networking apps have now added a service through which the user can toggle the active status. Following the footsteps, Truecaller has also added this feature to hide the ‘last seen’.

Steps to disable last seen/availability:

1. Tap on the Hamburger Menu(three/four horizontal lines at the top left)

Hamburger Menu

2. Tap on Settings

Tap on Settings

3. Tap on Privacy Center

Tap on Privacy Center

4. Tap on availability to toggle your last seen

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