Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch reveal event:

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 during their virtual launch event on June 24. As expected, the company talked about the new features that are coming with Windows 11, distribution plans and communicated about what IT firms can expect with this new major update.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that this version of Windows is “one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade.” We finally got to see the new user interface and new features officially that we already saw in Windows 11 leaked build. 

How to get Windows 11?

The company confirms that it will be a free update for existing Windows users when it arrives this holiday season. However, the user needs to download, install and activate Home versions and have a Microsoft account when installing it on or upgrading your PC or tablet.

Additionally, Microsoft said “Windows 11-ready PCs”  will begin selling by the company before the launch.

(Photo Credit: Microsoft)

Windows 11 features:

There are many new features and improvements across the board in Windows 11.

  • The updates are 40 percent smaller and happening in the background without interrupting your work. 
  • The taskbar is redesigned and optimized for touch as well as mouse inputs and is now renamed as the dock.
  • Teams integration with Windows 11, so users can easily start a call, message or group meeting right from the dock. However, this means that skype will soon disappear from Windows, but will be available in the Store.
  • Gaming will be better on Windows 11.
  • Microsoft is adding native support for Android apps on Windows 11, which means that users can use android apps in the operating system itself.
  • Perhaps, one of the biggest upgrade users will notice is a new look for Windows 11.

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