Surprises of Windows 11: Expect the unexpected

When a top star film is about to release, the promos, and the hype sometimes would create greater expectations, that would result in the opposite in reality. But Windows 11 has picturised a drastic change and it is definitely a par exceeding the expectations.

The Live event held on 24th Jun 2021, started with the emotional speech of Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer. He related his house to the new revamp of Windows, to explain Windows 11 will have the feel of familiarity and security. Also the feelings of Openness and connectivity. It was a smooth transition between the experts explaining the new features of Windows 11 with excitement. And finally the CEO ends with the satisfaction of finally releasing a next generation for the world today.

In the past 18 months we have undergone a lot of changes upside down with a lot of feelings. After the lock-down when you see the world outside, you have the feeling of bliss. Windows 11 live event has given the same bliss, familiar contents in a new modern environment.

Windows 11 is aimed at being functional and practical a PC needs to be.

image credit: Microsoft

Expected features were there in an unexpected way. Also, you can find unexpected features exclusively only in Windows 11.

Let’s dig deeper.

Expected FeaturesActual Features
Floating UI changes
Taskbar change
New Start Menu and Snap Layouts
Icon and system animation
Redesigned file explorer
Ease of open/close applications
News and feeds on the taskbar
Rearrange apps in multiple screens
New dashboard features
Search Menu
Biggest upgrade is the new look for Windows11. How it all flows together, brings the users
incredible sense of calmness.
Not only the look outside, the inside the product
is faster.
Bluetooth audio support systemExcellent as expected
Performance improvement in switching between fold-able devicesAmazing as expected
Xbox Auto HDR featureGaming will be better on Windows 11 with amazing speed and an incredible selection of
games with the best PC game experience.
Superior Graphics games with high dynamic
color range and speed.
Battery Usage with timeline for different appsThe updates are 40 percent smaller and happening in the background without
interrupting your work, using less energy and
more battery life.
Microsoft Store UpgradesMicrosoft store is rebuilt from the ground up and built for speed.
image credit: Microsoft
image credit: Microsoft
image credit: Microsoft

Unexpected Features

  • Windows 11 is the most secure windows ever created. It’s faster, simpler and easy to get organized to go back to your work, that would help you be more productive and creative.
  • Microsoft allows Android applications to be integrated into the start of Windows 11 taskbar. Using Intel bridge technology they are found in the Microsoft store using the amazon app store.
  • Perhaps, one of the biggest upgrade users will notice is a new look for Windows 11.
  • Fast way of voice typing
  • Entertainment tab is redesigned to bring top movies and TV shows
  • Microsoft Teams helps in instant connection with the people from the desktop, with free calls/chats to any device the person called is using. Microsoft is planning to release Windows 11 later this year. Meanwhile, let’s get ready for the system requirements.

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