The Facebook Smartwatch: Cameras on your wrist

Facebook is on its toes to release a novel product — the Facebook Watch, which the company hasn’t confirmed publicly but currently plans to debut next summer. Which is set to attract a  large number of technology lovers, and will impart a slit-throat competition to other alternatives in the field . Facebook is working upon its smartwatch, the first version of which is predicted to be released by summer 2022. It will be acknowledged for its messaging services, and will lay emphasis on health and fitness, by offering various fitness apps.

Colors and Price:

The Facebook Smartwatch might be available in 3 color options :- 

  • White      
  •   Black    
  • Gold 

The prices of the same are assumed to be around 30,000 INR.

The novel smartwatch will be having a detachable display. Display of the smartwatch will constitute 2 cameras.

Front Camera will be exclusively for video recording

Whereas, 1080p rear camera will be for capturing photos, the user needs to detach the watch from the stainless steel of the wrist frame for capturing photos.

Users can access Facebook Ecosystem (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram) by the watch itself and can upload and receive data on these platforms via watch.

The watch will also have a built-in cellular connection that will allow the devices to work separately from the paired mobile, which will save the user from carrying extra weight of a second device. The cellular connectivity will enable quick access  to texts and calls.

Facebook is said to have integrated apps from fitness and health companies including Pleoton, the new device will also be equipped with a pulse rate monitor. 

Facebook has tied up with a number of companies to design accessories for this module , which will aid users integrate it effectively in their daily routines.

Though the launch of the product is much awaited among technology lovers, Facebook’s inability in securing user”s data in the past will certainly put forth innumerable questions on the reliability of the product as it will contain the fitness and health data of the user as well.

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