Windows 11 leaked new features and free upgrade

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 leaked build reveals that it could be a free upgrade for users on the older Windows operating systems. Windows 11 will go official on 24 June and it’s already doing rounds on the internet, revealing what all is coming, through the leaked version. 

Microsoft is going to make Windows 11 available as a free upgrade to users of Windows 10. However, those users who are running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 might be lucky to get a free upgrade also. Hence, Users running Windows 8 on their personal computers and desktops will first have to update their OS to Windows 8.1 in order to get an upgrade.

Based on research data provided by analytics platform Statcounter, Windows 7 is the second most used Windows operating system in the world after Windows 10, with 15.52 percent. It is followed by Windows 8.1 that has a 3.44 percent share.

Most of the organizations still operate on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 that is the reason these OS’s are still in usage. Whereas, modern laptops and desktops come preloaded with Windows 10.

Windows 11 leaked (new features and refined look)

Microsoft’s new OS has given a sneak-peek into the new StartUp Menu, Taskbar, boot sound, snap features and more. 

Windows 11 desktop and Start menu. (Photo Credit: The Verge)

The leak revealed the interface of the upcoming OS that includes a new widget icon in the centre of the taskbar (which looks like macOS), the tray area has been cleaned up, and a redesigned Start menu has been incorporated. Moreover, there are no live tiles in the Start menu. However, the user can align the icons to the left.

Simplified user interface for users:

The new design is much more minimalist than its predecessor, it has a simplified design with icons that are livelier and menus appear to have rounded edges to it. Moreover, the transitions and animations on the apps appear to be seamless, conveying a better user interface for users. 

Microsoft has also included a new Startup sound for Windows 11.

In the meantime, we suggest not to install the Windows 11 ISO if you stumble upon it, in order to keep your data safe. Only use the official build of Windows 11.

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