Windows 11: The Unexpected Successor

Microsoft has planned to unveil the new version Windows 11 on 24th June, 2021 at 11a.m. EST(8:30 p.m. IST).

On Jun 8, 2021, Windows 10, Version 21H1 was updated. Twice a year enhancement to Windows 10, is going to end this year with the official Microsoft tweet on the upcoming event. During the launch of Windows 10, there was a belief that this would be the final version. After 6 years, Microsoft has planned to STOP its support for Windows 10 Home, Pro, Pro for workstation and Pro Education in October, 2025.

From the exact words of Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, “Windows 10 is used by more than 1.3 billion people to work, learn, connect and play with windows as a development box. Windows brings together all developers and collaboration tools in one place…soon we will share one of the most significant updates of Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators. I have been self hosting it over the past several months and I am incredibly excited about the next generation of windows.”

This has created great hype and anticipation for the next generation Windows. Expect the expected or expect the unexpected which is going to be true for Windows 11. The new generation windows are expected to not only have a major UI change but also the Application Store will have a great change.

The most valuable company Microsoft has found many good reasons to change to a new generation. Let’s have an elaborate view for the Windows next generation.

New Name

There were a lot of assumptions in the naming of the new generation Windows. “Sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows” was the year’s beginning slogan for the overhaul, which had vanished and emerged as “Sun Valley” later this year. But after the CEO announced in the Microsoft Build 2021,

  • The first clue was Windows is going to get the new Version and not going to be the usual upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Second, the June 24th event is going to happen at 11 a.m. EST.
  • Third, the Windows youtube page has released a teaser for exactly 11 minutes, with Windows 95, XP, and 7 startup sounds, as a Slo-Fi Remix, which means meditative 4,000% reduced speed, slower than the original version, to relax us from the excitement of the upcoming event.

We can imagine the next generation windows will be called Windows 11.

Significant Features to roll on

  • New Windows Logo pops up along with the Microsoft event invite.
  • Floating Ui changes in the code name of “SunValley” implies visual display changes like,
    • Icon and system animations.
    • Start Menu will be detached from the taskbar. (Couldn’t stop the excitement to see this change. Now understand the reason behind the relaxing 11 minutes video)
    • Ease to open and close applications.
    • Redesigned File Explorer.
    • New dashboard feature, which gives overview of the microsoft account on the Calendar events, to-do list, recent documents, emails and so on.
    • Rearranging Apps in multiple screens, Microsoft edge tabs separated from application windows in the snap assistant view which aids to access individual tabs and application windows easier and smooth.
    • Windows 11 also features to bring in NEWS and interesting feeds on the taskbar.
    • Long wait for the Bluetooth Audio support system, will be live now.
    • Windows performance improvement in foldable devices, particularly how to switch between mouse / trackpad usage and touch-based interactions.
    • Inclusion of Xbox Auto HDR feature.
    • Battery usage of different applications along with the timeline of the battery.

Microsoft Store Upgrades

In Spite of Google’s Chrome OS, Apple Mac Computers and Windows software compatibility issues, Microsoft revenue has increased. Surprisingly, the coronavirus has benefited the PC sales. Purchase of new licensed version PCs for students has boosted the sales. Moreover, developers prefer to use Windows to build their applications.

  • Microsoft Store will be open to all applications and the developers can use the third-party systems, along with above Sun Valley changes.
  • Microsoft will not charge for the use of rival systems, instead of using their own build.
  • Microsoft is planning to allow the developers to manage their own content delivery network (CDN), to submit standard EXE or MSI packages to the store.

Windows 11 release date and other important announcements will be made in the event live, planned by the Microsoft CEO along with the face of Microsoft’s Surface chief, Panos Panay. Windows is truly moving ahead of Windows 10 to Windows 11 with a big visual change.

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